EVS Project

Dear volunteer,

Welcome to Cultural-Spiritual Centre of the Russian-speaking compatriots in Iceland — Trúar- og menningarmiðstöð rússneskumælandi íbúa á Íslandi!

Our CSC has been founded together with the Russian Orthodox Cultural and spiritual center of the Russian-speaking countrymen It is a space for meetings and cultural events for the Russian speakers community. It has Saturday School, Youth Theatre-Studio, Public Library, Arts Classes. CSC has been organizing concerts, events, exhibitions, runs a charity shop, participates in public events and study programs. It has already involved several volunteers from the local youth and foreign students of the University of Iceland. It works in cooperation with the cultural organization relations between Iceland and Russia «Mir», Bilingual School «Moðurmál», Organization of Russian-speaking countrymen in Iceland «Zemljachestvo» etc.

For the volunteer the main task of the project will be to work towards the local groups the youth and children, creating new activities and/or follow up existing activities (Saturday School, Youth Theatre-Studio, Public Library, Arts Classes). If the volunteer have ideas for new activities or other improvements, there is a lot of room for the volunteer`s own initiative and entrepreneurial thinking.

The scope of activities for the volunteers will change during their stay and can be divided in five (6) different stages:

  1. Organisation of events for the youth center and to help in the work Saturday School,
  2. Creating catalog of the Public Library,
  3. Work in the Charity shop,
  4. Media work (websites, social networks, blogs),
  5. Worthy represent the organization and the EVS project,
  6. Assistance in the daily work of the center.

Learning to learn as the volunteers will have the chance to organize and develop their own learning and will always look for ways to promote sustainability aspects in interesting ways.

We believe that if we expect the volunteer to use the knowledge when coming home it is important to learn and to do projects from beginning to the end. The width of activities will give the volunteer a chance to experience every aspect of local and regional work, and to develop and test skills on strategically work in an organisation. The activities will be created in the field between the volunteer’s creativity and skills, and the need and initiatives of the members. The carrying out of these activities, will also be a mutual responsibility of all the involved parts, not only the volunteer. It`s important to us that the volunteer not will become a person , who merely execute assignments, but a resource who will contribute to develop the organization further and placing our work in a new perspective. In other words, we want the volunteer to know all levels of organizational work, which opens up for the volunteer to gain skills which enables the volunteer to start his or her own projects or continue organizational work after he or she has ended the EVS.

While staying at CSC, we see a broad spectre of areas for the volunteer to develop and improve personal skills at. One of the major skills will be on an organisational level. Learning more about organisations, motivating and empowering youth to improve their the local community, planning and administrating activities and events. Another will be on an entrepreneurial level. We very much welcome the volunteer`s own initiative and would like to facilitate the resources necessary to put new ideas into life, off course dependant of if we have the necessary resources. Another area is knowledge and information. The volunteer will learn and develop skills on how to communicate with youth, working strategically towards reaching a target group with information and getting the message clear and using different medias in this process. The volunteer will also be able to test and challenge his/hers skills when it comes to tutoring, counselling and media work.

Information work on CSC and our projects toward schools and communities, media work, internal information and contact with local groups and the youth has an ambition to do in a wider and more strategically manner than they find the time and capacity for at the time.

About current EVS projects of the organization you can check on the website: europa.eu

Your CV and motivation letter you can sent to e-mail: projects@orthodox.is

Do your the best EVS project with us!